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We at Arena Bridal & Formal showcase today’s hottest styles from the industry’s leaders in bridesmaid’s gown designs. With over 1200 attendant dresses on the floor to choose from, we have hundreds of formal floor length in exquisite chiffon’s and organza’s to sassy above the knee satin’s and taffeta. What you see in this slideshow is just a small preview of what is in the salon.  We have the largest selection of gowns and most competitive prices. You’re sure to find the perfect dress or dresses for your attendants.

Companies for Bridesmaid Dresses Include:  Alvina Valenta, Bari Jay, Bill Levkoff, #Bill Levkoff, B2/Belsoie by Jasmine, D’Zage, Hayley Paige, Impressions,  Amsale and Nouvelle by Amsale, Watters and Watters, Wtoo and many more.

Arena Bridal & Formal carries thousands of magnificent bridesmaids gowns in our salon – you’ll be sure to find the perfect one! Please make your appointment today, to experience all of the beauty that Arena Bridal & Formal has to offer.


Some gowns appearing on our slideshow may not be in store samples. Please call with any style inquiries.

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